What is it?

VR photography is the art of capturing or creating a complete full 360 degree spherical panoramic scene or object, by stitching together a number of photographs taken in a multi-row 360-degree rotation.

It provides interaction between human and computer, in which a real or imaginary environment is, simulated (an exterior, interior Automotive, Property, Museum and Tourism). You can interactively “BE THERE AND LOOK AROUND” with the full realism that expert digital photography can capture.

Why should have it?

VR photography is used for displaying objects in 360 degrees and giving panoramic and virtual tour. It promotes your products even better. It enhances your business sales and ROI.

Having an immersive virtual panorama allows your audience to be immersed in a seamless 360 degree visual environment that offers far more contextual information than a series of static images or a linear video clip. Experience sells.

Your audience will be wowed and impressed.

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Why go 360 with us?

With years of experience and expertise in professional & commercial photography, 360Indonesia produces exceptional high-quality panoramic images for use in print and digital panoramic virtual tour production.

In 360Indonesia we can integrate several panoramic images into a complete package with a custom visual layout and navigation design using necessary resources to create outstanding interactive virtual tour packages for you.